Bilingualism: Shaping better citizens for the world

Being exposed to bilingualism does not only imply the ability to speak more than two languages, but it also encourages students to develop understanding and appreciation for cultural differences. It is a communicative and multicultural approach to let students feel more motivated and involved in their learning and, consequently, enhanced to their academic profile and built up by their social skills.

In line with the above mentioned, we have become a bilingual school and high school since this school year. Due to it, the new curriculum sets out as follows:

– Subjects taught in English for all 3- to 18-year-old learners, to ensure them cover the same bilingual education.

– Preparation to take English International certificates to verify knowledge and accurate use of the language.

– Permanent training to teachers of English and CLIL subjects to make use of the language as a tool for effective learning in the classroom.

We are really sure that incorporating bilingualism in our classrooms will enrich our students with academic and personal experiences to shape global citizens who will be able to make a more peaceful, sustainable and fairer world.

Mag. Nelly Romero


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